adybug came to me quite by chance. I first met her at the Fremont shelter on the last day of her life. I will never forget, she was in stall C5 and she was dirty, her hair was matted, her over all appearance was that of trash can stray. I asked about her at the desk. The clerk told me that she was due to ride the train to doggy haven that night and that she could not be released because she was not friendly and that she might bite someone. I talked them into a visit with her in the little meeting room. When they brought her in she went over to the corner and stayed there. I approached her and she growled and showed her teeth. Well I just reached down and grabbed her, sat down with her in my lap and began to pet her.  She didn’t bite me. After about five minutes she jumped down on to the floor, flipped on to her back and started to wriggle around like she was running up side down. Then to my and the care persons surprise Ladybug jumped into my lap and started to lick my face and wag her tail. She had changed from one dog to another right there in front of us. I fell in love with her right then and there. I talked to the head dog man about Ladybug and how we got along. He said that if the rest of the family could meet her and the out come was the same that he would release her to us. I picked up Julie from pre-school and went back. Ladybug was so happy to see Julie and I. She jumped and wagged, licked and played. Ten minutes later we on the way home with Ladybug. That was 10 years ago. I have had a lot of dogs in my life, and I have loved them all, but Ladybug, well she is just special. In death as in life she will be with me always.
Ladybug and her Brother were born to Lady Royce of Chateret 1991. Her brother went to doggy heaven in 1993.

Miss Julie Dee Ashton...Loves her as much as I do.

Mrs. Priscilla Mericle...New her only a short while, but loved her dearly.
Kelly Lyn Swauger and her family.

Most any one who met Bug, in time would love her...She would just grow on ya.